Frequently Asked Questions

CLICK HERE to view or download a Ribbon Cutting 101 form.

  • My business/organization just became a member of the Lockport Chamber of Commerce.  What happens next?

Congratulations and welcome!  We know that you will find value in your Lockport Chamber membership.  If you are a newly formed business or organization, or are rejoining the Lockport Chamber, you may want to host a Ribbon Cutting.  Please CLICK HERE to review our guidelines prior to scheduling your event.  Please contact the Lockport Chamber at 815-838-3357 or with any questions regarding scheduling your event!

  • What is a Ribbon Cutting ceremony and what value does it bring to my new or existing business?

A Ribbon Cutting ceremony celebrates your commitment to the Lockport Chamber and also acts as an introduction of your business/organization to the local Lockport business community.  Elected government officials, City of Lockport representatives, other Lockport Chamber of Commerce members and media are invited by the Lockport Chamber to help commemorate this special occasion.

  • Anything else I need to know when scheduling a Ribbon Cutting ceremony?

Ribbon Cutting ceremonies can be held anywhere.  If your business has a physical address, the ceremony can be held there.  If not, the ceremony can be held at the Lockport Chamber office.  A business usually provides a promotion or coupon and refreshments to the attendees and that information is included on the invitation to increase attendance.  Ribbon Cutting ceremonies are also held for existing Lockport Chamber member businesses to commemorate a special milestone or anniversary.  We offer to perform Ribbon Cutting ceremonies on weekdays only as representatives are more likely to attend functions at that time and we also require a 4 week lead time for planning and marketing your event.  We do offer limited alternate options however, depending on the nature of your business, the business community turnout you are anticipating, and other factors.  In addition, Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies are part of the #communitycounts initiative in which the general Lockport Community is invited to select Lockport Chamber events.  To learn more about #communitycounts, please click here!

Updated 10/2017